Application PhoneOnMap for iOS 4.0 and higher

Application PhoneOnMap for OS Android 2.0 and higher

Locate and track directly from your cell phone.

Now you can switch the application in the tracked phone on and off directly from your PC!

Windows Mobile Symbian OS

Tracking people

Tracking people with PhoneOnMap

Tracking people does not require purchasing expensive hardware and software anymore. Tracking people is now available through most of available cell phones, so that anyone can afford it. PhoneOnMap application enables you to locate and track cell phone on the map in all countries all over the world.

Tracking people is very easy with PhoneOnMap. You need just to sign up as our user and to install PhoneOnMap application to a cell phone which you want to track. You can track people in real time or you can play the tracking people history of each tracked cell phone. You can also use a remote phone access to switch the PhoneOnMap application on and off in the tracked phone.

PhoneOnMap is one of the easiest cell phone application to use for tracking people on the market now. If you wish to try tracking people with PhoneOnMap, please click on the link “How to become user” and learn how to do it.

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