Application PhoneOnMap for iOS 4.0 and higher

Application PhoneOnMap for OS Android 2.0 and higher

Locate and track directly from your cell phone.

Now you can switch the application in the tracked phone on and off directly from your PC!

Windows Mobile Symbian OS
PhoneOnMap for cell phones with Windows Mobile or Symbian OS

PhoneOnMap enables you
to locate and track
a cell phone on the map.

What is it for?

? keeping an eye on your children

? knowing where your employees are

? monitoring family members trip

? proof of your whereabouts

? tracking your lost or stolen phone

What you need to get started
  • unlimited data plan (internet access)
  • sign up as PhoneOnMap user
  • install the phone application

Main features
  • Security for all users (system is anonymous).
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Default automatic (flexible) scanning interval.
  • Possibility of setting up virtual geographical boundaries and sending alerts via email.
  • Application works in cell phones with Symbian or Windows Mobile operating system.
  • Service availability depends on mobile provider's data coverage.

Based on long term testing
we highly recommend


cell phones for using PhoneOnMap